black girl in electric wheelchair surrounded by bright feathers of coloue

Hey, welcome to BLD Experiences!

I am a Black, Lesbian, Disabled (BLD) Londoner with a thirst for travelling, experiencing new things and learning about new cultures.

I have decided to build this blog to capture my experiences whilst travelling. I have been dreaming about doing this for so long, but I didn’t have the time nor confidence. Now, here I am, a recent graduate, with the encouragement of a few great friends. I hope to deliver enthusiastic and insightful blog posts about my experiences travelling whilst being a Black, Lesbian, Disabled woman.

Although I have built this blog to document my travel experiences, but I feel there is so much more room for me to explore other topics when I want to, hence the ‘& more’.

Using this blog, I hope to discover places that are breath-takingly beautiful and accessible. I want to show and encourage other Black Disabled and Queer people to explore these places… or warn them not to lol.

I am really excited to have you on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy the ride!

I look forward to communicating with you all whether that be in the comment sections of my blog posts or socials.

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Twitter – @BLD_Experiences

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